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Skin Plumping and Revitalising Bi-Phase Treatment

This powerful serum combines skin-plumping illumination with protection against free radicals. Both moisturising and hydrating, it consists of a two-phase process.

The first phase is oil-based, with plant-based ingredients and squalane, leaving skin luminous and supple. The second phase contains a mix of four fermented hyaluronic acids alongside powerful Kampo-based antioxidants.

The 3 elements’ composition:
- KI (energy flow)
- KETSU (blood nutrition)
- SUI (hydration)

The KI, KETSU and SUI elements focus on smoothing your skin instantly, leaving it bright, relaxed and plumped.

The Antioxidant Booster Serum offers a harmonious blend of 5 Kampo active herbs with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to fight free radicals, boost your skin`s barriers against the effects of ageing, and give your skin a healthy glow:

- an exclusive blend of 5 Kampo adaptogens
- 4 fermented hyaluronic acids
- plant-based fermented squalane
- non-comedogenic

Size: 30ml / 1oz.
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Reference No. 414
CHF 89.00

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