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The Unity Candle holder was created by Hein Studio from the search, for the perfect functional art piece - Each angle shows a new perspective, it creates a new experience depending on the light reflections.

Each piece is made by hand in solid brass using a technique called sandcasting. Small black spots and grain may occur due to the casting process, making each piece unique and should not be mistaken for flaws. After casting each piece it is polished by hand and plated with a beautiful nickel finish.
Nickel-plated brass objects should not be exposed to water or moisture. Keep the outer surface dry with a soft cloth to prevent permanent stains on the material. A non-abrasive polish can be used to clean and shine the product. Clean gently to avoid wearing down the Nickel plating.
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Reference No. 181
CHF 329.00

≈ 337.54 €

Material Brass
Color Silver
Dimensions W15 × H14 × L12