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A ceremony diffuser set with nine cubic cork sculptures. Exploring the unique and raw, organic surfaces of burnt cork, each object offers a diffusion ground, on which the Hakudo rain botanical Essence can be dripped.

AOIRO and STUDIO CORKINHO introduce a contemporary purifying ritual that offers a quiet moment to unwind in everyday life and uncover your authentic soul. It is a pure collaboration of their unique specialities: an olfactory design for space and atmosphere and an exploration of object design with cork. The result is a serene ceremony set composed with natural essences, uniquely treated cork and other carefully sourced, earthy materials.
Gently drip about 4-8 drops of the hakudo rain essence on the raw surface to your liking. Reactivate it as you wish.

Hakudo rain cork diffuser Set comes with:
- 9 uniquely treated cork diffuser cubes
- Paulounia wooden plate
- Hakudo Rain Botanical Essence (30ml) with a dripper pipette

Each item is assembled in the tailored paulownia wooden box, traditionally handcrafted in Ishikawa, Japan.
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Reference No. 298
CHF 220.00

≈ 225.71 €

Dimensions W21 × H7 × L21