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These candles are made in the city of Nanao, Japan with sumac wax and all natural materials. Created with centuries of knowledge and techniques passed down through the generations. Each candle is made by hand ensuring that every one is of the highest quality.
Nanao is surrounded by sea and mountains. There are five different candles, all with a motif of a different plant that grows in the Noto Peninsula.

Takazawa Candle creates traditional Japanese candles, called "WA-ROUSOKU," made from natural waxes. They established their candle-making business back in 1892 in the city of Nanao, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

burning duration can be up to 110 min
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Reference No. 205
CHF 72.00

≈ 73.87 €

Material Sumac wax
Dimensions H11.5 × ∅2,3